You may find yourself struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship issues. Life has challenges and perhaps you need help to figure out your next step. I am ready to come along your side and be your partner in seeking a way through your struggle.

"Helping You Find Calm & Peace When Life Becomes Too Much"

You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters, but when you do, you will feel confident that you are taking a courageous first step towards getting to a better place and being a better you.


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I am experienced at helping individuals experiencing trauma and trauma-related issues, depression, anxiety, and grief. I am trained at using Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which has been shown to be very effective in helping individuals suffering from trauma (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. I am also experienced at using cognitive behavioral approaches in therapy. I have extensive experience working with individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol.

I retired from active duty Air Force service in 2002, and from the Department of Defense civil service in 2015.  Over the course of my life I have developed a real passion to help other people understand and overcome mental health issues that arise from trauma, childhood, stress, or “out of nowhere”. Furthermore, I have gained quite a bit of experience working with individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol.

If nothing else, I am surely a committed Christian, with Christian values. Yet, I always endeavor to meet my clients “where they are at” and strive to become immersed in their world, no matter their religious, ethnic, or cultural background. In fact, like many individuals,  I am all too familiar with the challenges presented in our hectic, chaotic world. I have learned that sometimes it helps to sit and talk through issues with another individual. I look forward to helping anyone who comes my way sift through their decisions, concerns, and new ideas based upon their own value system.

If you think I can help you in any way, please give me a call.

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