Whew, I really hope what you have been reading here has given you a sense of my passion for mental health counseling. Aside from what I have already told you about myself, I could add that I retired from active duty Air Force service in 2002, and from the Department of Defense in 2015.  While serving in the military I developed a real desire to help other people understand and overcome mental health issues that arise from trauma, childhood, stress, or “out of nowhere”. Furthermore, over the last few years I have gained quite a bit of experience in working with individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol.

I am a committed Christian with Christian values.  Like many individuals I am all too familiar with the challenges presented in our hectic, chaotic world. I have learned that sometimes it helps to sit and talk through issues with an individual. I look forward to helping all individuals sift through their decisions, concerns, and new ideas based upon their value system.

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