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These are crazy, chaotic times we live in my friends. Depending on where you live and how well you maintain your personal boundaries, there an untold number of “distractions” vying for your time. Stuff like the latest work deadline, children’s sports practice, piano lessons, picking up groceries, appointments with doctors, teachers, and etc. That is not to mention the “good times” that await us once we get home: children’s homework, evening meals, bills to pay, school lunches, prep for the next day, and on and on. All this craziness can wear one out! If you are not careful in managing all of this stress, you could be headed for a breakdown in one of what I call the four dimensions of personal wellness: Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual.  Allow me to quickly offer simple and easy ways to expand each of these dimensions and possibly give you some needed resiliency to keep up with all the demands for your time.

The Physical dimension: Go see your doctor and get an annual physical exam!  Then pay attention to those numbers: Cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure.  Take a walk!

The Mental dimension: I suggest to many of my clients (and so does my Pastor) to take time to think of at least one (or five) thing(s) you are thankful for each morning.  Write it down in a journal. In addition, if you notice that your mood has been low, or anxious, or irritable more days than not, perhaps it is time to talk to a trusted friend, spiritual leader, or a mental health counselor to discuss what may be going on in your life. And, take a walk.

The Social dimension: While it is certainly fine to enjoy your own company from time to time, I find it important to have some sort of social outlet that allows you to interact with other people in a healthy environment.  We aren’t talking saloons here. I’m talking church, yoga groups, gardening groups, Sober Support group meetings, school, volunteering. See if you can walk there 🙂

The Spiritual dimension: If this earthly plane is all there is, there can’t be much joy in our life. We are created to glorify God, and to enjoy Him.  Indeed, we need to regularly use the means of growth given to us by God: worship, Bible, prayer, and fellowship. My clients who are open to matters pertaining to spiritual development admit that this dimension is the first one forgotten when times get tough, but, it is the one dimension that needs to be the strongest when the time for testing comes upon us.

So, take inventory of your own life and see which of these dimensions needs to be “tuned up”. If you find that getting started is tough, or if deep-rooted issues such as trauma, anxiety, or depression are holding you back from joyful living……get in touch with a mental health counselor who can help you sort through things.  

If you live in the Tampa Bay area……..give me a call.  I am ready to help.

And take a walk!

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